The Multi Sweep brand is a family run business for over three decades and continues to operate as a family owned enterprise from its base located on the N72 Mallow/Killarney Road in County Cork, Ireland.The company initially commenced business in 1980 Trading as O’Flynn Forklifts Ltd. Selling and maintaining Industrial and Rough Terrain Forklifts. Throughout this time of both selling and servicing forklifts all around Ireland Liam O’Flynn had developed the habit of listening to his customers and their needs. A common problem among forklift owners was their inability to keep a large yard clean. Liam came up with the idea of a fork mounted sweeper to help out one of his largest customers. He developed a prototype sweeper to attach to the forklift and called it the Multi Sweep, it wasn’t perfect, but the customer was delighted with it. As more and more people saw the Multi Sweep in action Liam started getting calls from people all over the country looking to buy a Multi Sweep for their yards. From there the business took off and developed into the Multi Sweep brand we have today with 4 key models.
Today there is  a growing awareness of the need for cleanliness, hygiene and accident prevention in the workplace. This has helped Multi Sweep to became a worldwide success, over the last 30 years

The design of the Multi Sweep has evolved over the years through a rigorous testing process on site and also the through the help of our customers. Feedback from our customers over the years has enabled us to tweak the design and add features that our customers wanted, such as kingpins rather than castors at the front of the machine which protect the wheels in tough applications

The addition of a brush on the side of the Multi Sweep again came from customer feedback. Customers were having difficulty sweeping close to walls and kerbs without damaging the Multi Sweep. They also were unable to get the dirt and debris removed from those hard to get to areas. We then developed the Kerb Brush which has its own powerful motor and allows the Multi Sweep to sweep out dirt and debris from difficult areas.

Our Main Broom can be made up of poly or wire segments or indeed a mix of both. The all poly broom is our most commonly used broom.


The debris container in the Multi Sweep allows for the collection of dirt and debris while sweeping, this debris can then be emptied using hydraulics. Debris containers are large and can take a considerable amount of material.


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