Why a Multi Sweep is better for Plant Hire

Posted on April 12th, 2023 by Ronan

Why a Multi Sweep is better for Plant Hire

Posted on April 12th, 2023 by Ronan

We have been manufacturing Multi Sweep machines now for over 30 years. Not only do we manufacture them but we also have our own hire fleet in Ireland, so we know what it’s like! These hire machines are in some of the toughest/roughest working environments you can get, building sites with different operators every day, from young fellas who can’t drive, to temporary workers who don’t have a lot of respect for the machines. We have seen them all down through the years. So we set out to make a machine that required hardly any maintenance (they can often forget to do it anyway on site) and has as few breakable parts as possible! Below are a list of parts we had to change/strengthen based on experiences from our customers and our own fleet.

What we ended up with is a machine that can survive the tough environments, won’t break easily, and requires very little maintenance.

Kingpins vs Castors

We originally had castors on all our machines, but customers had operators who were regularly blowing off the castors and they were expensive to replace and led to downtime of a week or more on a regular basis. Castors at the front of the machine were most likely to get a bang and be damaged. The steel kingpins we now have in place to hold the wheels have almost totally eliminated that issue. The Multi Sweep is made for tough environments.

Solid Wheels vs Pneumatic

Similar to the castors issue, our customers were just spending too much time and money replacing burst wheels, so we sourced one of the best quality solid wheels in the world (Blickle) for the Multi Sweep

Multi Sweep Kerb Brush Assembly is solid and flexible vs brittle on other machines.

We tested a number of different versions over the years to finally come up with the durable kerb brush assembly we have now. The issue for years had always been flexibility, the ability for the kerb brush to move in and out with changing contours. We developed a kerb brush that can easily go with contours of different road surfaces and walls/kerbs, we positioned the hoses so that the pressure of the oil acts like a spring and pushes the brush towards the kerb and also allows movement. This flexibility prevents unnecessary damage and indeed vastly reduces the common occurrence of blowing off a kerb brush completely.

Steel Motor Door cover : this steel door protects the motor on the side of the machine, which is expensive to replace and would regularly get a bang from an inexperienced driver.

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